11-12-16: Fair Housing with Frances Nguyen of Project Sentinel

Frances Nguyen and Annie Pan of Project Sentinel, an organization for Fair Housing, came to our seminar on November 11 to provide a legal update on Fair Housing Law and answer questions from our audience. They went through a review of Protected Categories and the tenant screening process. On request from audience, they highlighted a Section 8 tenant scenario. There would be three parties in a lease contract with Section 8 tenant, i.e. the tenant, government and landlord. If for whatever reason the tenant or government stops paying their share of the required rent, it naughts the contract and ends the lease. It addressed the concerns of some in audience if there comes a change in government subsidy with Section 8 program.

Project Sentinel provides us with copies of Fair Housing Law in Chinese language, if you are interested in getting a copy, please e-mail us at info@justglobal.net