5-6-17: Remodeling to Increase your Property Value with Susan Chen

Susan Chen, AIA gave a lecture to a voluminous crowd this past weekend on 5-6-17.

The lecture focused on using your budget to maximize your return on investment within a remodeling scope of work. Susan also facilitated a discussion in a Q and A format. Before remodeling, you should make a list of items that need immediate attention. Based off of that list you can come up with a preliminary budget after you collect estimates from the relevant contractors. Don’t forget to include the cost of materials and lead time for the material and the time the labor will take! The cost you use in remodeling is also determined by the purpose: whether this is for an investment property or if it is for your own home which you will be living in and possibly eventually selling. It is important to make sure that your remodeling makes sense from a fiscal standpoint!

If you are thinking of remodeling or planning on remodeling a property you are about to sell, contact us for at info@justglobal.net