​ 1/20: New Real Estate Law and Latest Update on Rent Control with Simon Offord


Mr. Simon Offord, Senior Real Estate Attorney of Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer, came to brief our audience on a wide variety of legal topics regarding real estate and rent control:
​In San Francisco, properties built before 1979 are under​ rent control
In San Jose​, 3 + units​ before 1989- are under rent control. Rules and regulations are still quite new, ordinance on Just cause eviction are still being fine- tuned.
​Marijuana law for recreational has just started in 2018, home owners have to be aware of the tenants’ ​right. Speaker said more details will be available later
Airbnb – ​there is more extensive ​regulation in many cities​, such as San Francisco, Danville and others, so landlords have to be aware.​
Personal guarantee on corporate lease should be treated seriously. Need some terms and restrictions when you ​prepare the lease.​
For residential properties, tenant screening should observe applicable law, e.g. you cannot ask for immigration status and etc.
More ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units – a secondary housing unit on a single-family residential lot) will be allowed because of the housing shortage in the Bay area.​
Solar panels – some HOA restricting the installation of panels. Check the CC&R before you make a move.
San Jose – business license is needed for 3 more units in San Jose. Every city will have different rules, check the city of your investment properties for license requirement.
​All lease agreement should include a bedbugs disclosures.
Contact Mr. Offord at (650) 327-2900 should you have any questions regarding real estate matters and rent control.