Oct 20th: Avoiding Litigation as a Landlord with David Hamerslough

Mr David Hamerslough is an Attorney with over 38 years of experience in dealing with litigation and arbitration for Residential and commercial cases for sellers, buyers, landlords and agents.He gave us a very informative lecture on Oct 20 for a full 2 hours.
He emphasized that disclosures are very important when you are sellers. Anything related to the property, sellers should dedicate sufficient time to describe in detail on what have been done, repaired or happened during the period of occupancy or rental.
All these should be documented to avoid potential litigation in the future.

Same for the landlords, it is important to disclose and also document on all the repairs that have been done.

It was a very informative Q &A session with a good number of questions raised by the audience on site. All attendees were satisfied and left with a more educated mind on legal aspect in being landlords and sellers.

If you are interested in findcontact David dave@rhrc.net