October 2019: Update on Eviction by Attorney Steve Naumchik

As California is becoming stricter on statewide rent control ordinance, we noticed there are new rules for eviction.

We invited Attorney Steve Naumchik to present the latest Eviction guidelines and he also discusses AB 1482.

Steve explained how to serve three day notices to pay rent or lease, and how to conduct eviction. Steve is affiliated with Todd Rothbard, which is a Law form focused on doing Eviction.

With AB 1482 taking effect in 2020, the properties (exclude single homes, condos and townhomes) are subject to a rent cap of 5% plus CPI. No more than 10 % a year. Also, these properties are subject to Just Cause Eviction.

For more details or if you would like to contact Mr Steve Naumchik, please email info@justglobal.net