June 2020: Is an ADU (Accesory Dwelling Unit) right for you?

The COVID 19 Pandemic has re-shaped our current way of life.How does it affect the Real Estate market in Bay Area? Work-from-home has been much more readily adopted by corporations. Low interest rates will continue to be available for the near future. How does this alter buyers’ behavior? A house is more than just a home. It can also be an office for some. Do we need more rooms or even an additional dwelling unit (ADU) to cater to work and family life? These changes affect the types of properties sought after by different age groups of home buyers. It also extends their scope of locations in their home search. How will we utilize the record low interest rate as leverage to help with home buying and real estate investment to build wealth during a recession? Which geographic market segment will provide the best growth opportunities? What types of financing would best serve each type of purchase? Where should we look for them?

Check out the excerpt from our June Zoom Seminar below (Please note the presentation was in Mandarin, seminars are typically presented in English), but we are very capable of communicating in English 🙂

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